My Yarn & Handwovens


What goes into your handspun yarn?
I predominantly use natural fibres (such as wool and alpaca) produced in Australia from farms where the animals are treated humanely and with respect. Some yarns may contain small amounts of synthetic fibres such as Angelina sparkle to add, well, sparkle. All yarns have their specific contents clearly labelled on their product pages.

What fibres are used in your Handwovens?
The materials used for each item can be found listed alongside the product. I typically use organic cottons and linens along with my own handspun yarns and commercially milled Alpaca, silk and wool fibres. I do not normally dye millspun yarns instead choosing from colours stocked by the supplier to keep my products consistent over time. While I endeavour to mostly use Australian yarns some yarn is sourced from the US, Italy and Lithuania and has traceable origins. 

Are your handspun yarns naturally dyed?
Some are. I use both natural and acid dyes to give you the best varieties of colour. All naturally dyed yarns are labeled "Naturally Dyed" on the website. 


What equipment do you use to produce your yarns and woven goods?
My handspun yarn is produced on spinning wheels. I have several wheels and favour the Schacht Matchless (you can order your own from me), majacraft aura and Woollee Ann espinner.
My handwoven items are produced by hand on a Louet 16S Megado and Schacht baby wolf looms (you can order Schacht looms through me). Depending on the item it is then either hemmed by hand or with a sewing machine. 

Why choose handspun or handwoven?
Choosing handspun or handwoven not only allows you to support small family run farms and mills but it's also very luxurious. I pick fine fibres and make unique blends to produce long lasting heirloom quality products. If you choose to purchase an art yarn these are one of a kind and cannot be replicated by a mill so provide wonderful and unique embellishments to your projects whether they be woven, knit, crochet or felted.

Can you wind my yarn into a ball?
Yes, I'm happy to! Once you’re ready to check out, head to the ball winding shop listing and add your skein quantity to your cart. Please note, wound yarn is not eligible for returns or exchanges.

What can I make with your handspun yarn?
Anything you can use millspun yarn for! It's perfect for knitting, weaving, and crochet projects. You can also use it in place of ribbon to adorn gifts but you don’t have to limit yourself to those methods!  Whatever you make, I’d love to see it! Tag me on Instagram @thisdarlinghome or #thisdarlinghomemakes so I can see what your yarn grows up to be



Do you have a retail shop?
You may visit my studio, located in Ma Ma Creek, QLD, by appointment for spinning lessons or to browse handspun yarn, woven items and Schacht Spindle Co products in person. 

Can you teach me to spin my own yarn?
Yes! If you’re just starting out, you can learn to spin with me on one of my wheels or on your own in my studio in Ma Ma Creek, QLD. Please contact me for further information and to book your lesson.

While I normally love collaborations and custom orders I can't currently offer these due to time constraints.  


Still have questions? Reach out via my contact page!