Hi-Lo Spindle

Hi-Lo Spindle

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Hi-Lo Spindles offer the best of both whorls: a brass hook at the top for high-whorl spinning and a grooved shaft for low-whorl spinning. Three sizes offer a broad spectrum of spinning capabilities:


  • Weight, 31g (1.1 ounces)

  • Whorl diameter, 5cm (2")

  • Ideal for lightweight yarns (approx. 12-30wpi)

  • Schacht product number, WS6407


  • Weight, 62g (2.2 ounces)

  • Whorl diameter, 7.5cm (3")

  • Ideal for medium weight yarns (approx. 8-20wpi)

  • Schacht product number, WS6405


  • Weight, 85g (3 ounces)

  • Whorl diameter, 10cm (4")

  • Ideal for heavy weight yarns (Approx. 5-8wpi)

  • Schacht product number, WS6406